Kapla blocks in Project Build

Growing up, what was your favorite toy? From generation to generation, many children love to play with building blocks of all shapes and sizes.

Kapla Toys, a toy company based out of Charleston, SC, will be making their first appearance at the 2016 Charlotte Mini Maker Faire. The company produces tiny wooden planks with mega building potential. These specially designed planks are perfect for experimenting with balance and gravity while creating a work of art.

At the Faire, visitors of all ages will be able to experiment with Kapla planks to create anything imaginable! Not sure what to build? Find inspiration from some of Discovery Place Science’s Project Build exhibition, which feature replicas of architectural wonders from around the world including the Eiffel Tower, the Transamerica Pyramid or the Temple of Kukulcan — all constructed from the planked blocks. What will you create?